1. How to Build and improve Business Credit

    Credit is a business’ lifeline because money is not always in hand when different needs come up like the need for more inventory during a holiday. Access to credit enables a business to maintain a healthy cash flow, which ensures that business operations do not slow down even when sales and other …Read More

  2. How Important Is It to Maintain a Healthy Business Cash Flow?

    Any business needs cash to run. In simple words, cash flow shows the amount of money coming in (cash inflows) and money going out (cash outflows). The funny thing is that a business can have great profits but become cash poor or what is called a negative cash flow. A good example is when the profits…Read More

  3. How Do Term Loans Help Business Owners?

    The most common loans for small and medium business have been short-term loans. This is not surprising since many small and medium business owners assume that they will not get approval for long-term loans. There is some truth to this since many lenders are unwilling to work with SME businesses that…Read More

  4. How Do Business Revolving Lines of Credit Help?

    Every business needs some relief once in a while when the cash flow is poor. Quick and regular access to credit cash is often the best way to ease a cash crunch. Business revolving lines of credit are credit facilities that are set up by lenders for regular customers. A business revolving line of cr…Read More

  5. How Do the Small Business Administration Help Business Owners?

    The US Small Business Administration is a federal entity whose mandate is to help small and medium businesses in the US grow and succeed. The SBA describes a small business as one that employs up to 500 people. This is a broad cover, which allows a large percentage of US-based businesses enjoy the f…Read More